It Takes a Village: Turkey's Street Dogs Fed and Cared for with the Help of Many

Posted by Amber King
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Facebook/Çiğdemin Patileri

When people prefer to buy purebred dogs instead of adopting from shelters, homeless animals suffer.

That's exactly what was happening in Ankara, Turkey. Adoption rates were drastically low, and animal shelters were filled to capacity. As the street dog population continued to grow, more and more innocent animals were forced to fight for survival.

They battled brutal weather conditions and lived beneath bare trees and behind dying shrubs during Turkey's snowy winters. Both puppies and adult dogs were dying from exposure and starvation.

The general population showed no interest in helping the hoards of homeless animals living in the town, but a group of 10 people wanted to make a difference. They began bringing the animals food on a daily basis and building them shelters. Their efforts started small, but with dedication and hard work, they were soon caring for over 300 homeless animals.

They fed them, gave them medical attention, and started spaying and neutering to help control their numbers. And best of all, they found the animals new homes. The group shared a passion for animal welfare, and they used their enthusiasm and determination to help educate others about the importance of animal adoption. They went to schools to talk to students and did everything they could to have their voices heard.

And people listened. The original group of 10 earned support as more and more people started recognizing the need for an animal shelter. They helped build dog houses and covered costs to turn the area into a makeshift center for animal healing, protection, and adoption.

The group of good Samaritans has made tremendous improvements in the short time they've been working, but they won't be satisfied until every dog is safe in a new home. They're working to develop a clear infrastructure to facilitate adoption and are looking for better resources to help with spaying and neutering. If you can  help, visit Çi?demin Patileri on Facebook.

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It Takes a Village: Turkey's Street Dogs Fed and Cared for with the Help of Many