Is Your Dog an Escape Artist? Then You Need the Whistle GPS Collar

Posted by Tori Holmes
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With the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, gone are the days of lost dogs.

If you've ever lost your dog, you know how stressful of an experience it can be. Not knowing where they've gone or if they know how to get home is enough to have any dog owner at their wits' end.


The team at Whistle understands the importance of the relationships we have with our pets, which is what prompted them to create a GPS pet tracker.

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Using the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker is easy; all you have to do it attach it to your dog (or cat's) collar and install an app on your phone. Once they're synced, you will be able to see live GPS tracking so you always know where your pup is.

Using advanced GPS and cellular technology, Whistle is able to pinpoint your dog's location anywhere within the United States.

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You can also create customized "safe areas," known as Whistle Zones, to easily keep tabs on your dog. If they stray from their designated Whistle Zone, you will receive a notification through the Whistle app or text message so you can go collect your dog.

If that's not cool enough, it even has a built-in activity monitoring system to track your dog's daily activity.

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For owners with flighty dogs, this is one piece of technology you'll want to invest it. For only $79 you can have the piece of mind knowing that the next time your dog escapes, you'll know exactly where to go look for them.

If you ask us, that's not a bad price to pay for some peace of mind!

You can buy the Whistle GPS Tracker here.

Is your dog an escape artist? Tell us a story in the comments below!

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Is Your Dog an Escape Artist? Then You Need the Whistle GPS Collar