Is This Guy the Real Horse Whisperer?

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Horse whisperer or incredible horse sound imitator? Either way, this guy is impressive! 

Humans who are blessed with the understanding of how to communicate with horses are said to be horse whisperers. They can communicate with and understand horses with an almost unnatural accuracy, and they have the ability to help even the most aggressive, abused, or dangerous horses.

The guy in this video claims he's a horse whisperer. Take a look at the video - he does have an uncanny ability to connect with the foal and to catch the foal's interest. But is he a true horse whisperer, or is he just one heck of a horse sound imitator? You be the judge.

The foal definitely has a serious interest in this guy, and it appears that the foal travels right over whenever this guy calls. Regardless of whether or not this man is a true horse whisperer, he may produce the most realistic whinny that we've ever heard.

Want to learn more about horse whispering? There are a number of trainers who are widely regarded as being horse whisperers, including Buck Brannaman. You'll also want to check out Robert Redford in the movie, "The Horse Whisperer." The movie provides a look into the talent that some trainers have in being able to rehabilitate emotionally scarred and damaged horses.

Horse whisperers are essentially able to read and understand equine body language. Doing some ground work and simply observing your horse in the pasture are good ways to begin developing your understanding of your horse on his level. Maybe someday you too can call yourself a horse whisperer.

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Is This Guy the Real Horse Whisperer?