Is This What a Donkey Whisperer Looks Like?

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When this man stands and calls to the donkeys across the paddock, you can't help but wonder if he's a donkey whisperer. 

You've heard of horse whisperers. They're those trainers who so deeply understand horses that they can develop a seemingly magical communication with them. But a donkey whisperer? Well, we may have just found the real thing.

Take a look at the man in this video. He stands across the paddock from some donkeys, calls to them using their own braying sounds, and then? They respond. One donkey is particularly intrigued - you just have to check out his reaction for yourself.

It's pretty adorable how eager this donkey is to come over and visit with the man. Donkeys, like horses, each have their own individual personality. Some donkeys are more standoffish than others, but this donkey seems to be quite friendly - at least with the donkey whisperer.

Donkeys can bray incredibly loudly, and when you get a whole herd of donkeys going you'll be wanting some earplugs pretty quickly. Donkeys are often used to help defend livestock. They're highly territorial, and donkeys can be very possessive and protective, both of their own young and of other animals in their herd. Donkeys help to deter predators, including bears and cougars, making them valuable additions to farms and ranches.

But donkeys can also be given other jobs. With some patience, you can train donkeys to carry loads and to pull carts. You'll need to be a skilled trainer who understands donkey mentality, since they can be stubborn and a kick from a donkey can break bones. But if you take the time to truly understand and bond with a donkey, you'll have a great partner.

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Is This What a Donkey Whisperer Looks Like?