Is It Time for Fido to Lose a Few Pounds?

Posted by Rebecca Spears

What do you do when Fido is more than just fluffy?

Weight management is a crucial part of your pet's healthcare. Studies have shown pets live longer, healthier lives when their weights are managed closer to their ideal body condition score or BCS.

So what does the ideal BCS look like? Well, BCS isn't all about looks. You have to get your hands on your pet to really know what is going on underneath their furry coats.

Place your hands over your pet's ribs and see if you can feel them. Ideally you should be able to feel them but not see them. Remember, Fido should have a visible waistline when seen from above. If you look down and only see a rectangle, chances are Fido's carrying a few extra pounds.

Little fat pug sitting on sidewalk in summer park.

Tummy tucks don't require surgery for dogs and cats. When viewed from the side, Fido's underline should smoothly rise from the end of the rib cage back to the hips.

Don't forget to visit with your veterinarian before you begin Fido's journey back to being fit. They will be able to assess Fido's current health and guide you in the right direction. You can also get BCS score cards from your veterinarian to learn where your pet currently is and where they need to go in terms of weight.

Veterinarians can also prescribe specific weight management foods designed to help take the pounds off your pet safely.

Once you have a solid diet plan it is time to get moving. For your dog this could be as simple as taking a few extra walks, but what about an overweight cat? Break out the toys and have some fun. Laser pointers, cat dancers, and hidden kibble can all be used with success.

fat lazy cat

If you have trouble keeping track of your own fitness plan you may be thinking tracking your dog's activity may be impossible? Well, guess what, there is an app for that.

P5 by Purina can help you keep track of your best friend's progress on the go. After all, the more you are on the go the closer your pet will be to reaching that ideal BCS.


Weight loss should not be dramatic or fast so remember that this resolution will take time and commitment. Keep in mind the reasons why weight management is so important for your best friend, and once you reach the ideal weight be sure to monitor regularly to maintain your pet's new look.

Rebecca is employed with Nestle Purina and doesn't want to mislead readers! She understands there are other products on the market other than Purina's 🙂

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Is It Time for Fido to Lose a Few Pounds?