In a Race Against a Greyhound and a Thoroughbred, Who Comes out on Top?

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Greyhounds and Thoroughbred racehorses are some of the fastest domesticated animals, but which is faster? This match race puts them to the test.

There have been some famous match races in history, but this match race just might be the most unusual one yet. Greyhounds are known for their blistering speed, and Thoroughbred racehorses are bred and trained to be some of the fastest horses on earth. But which is faster - a Thoroughbred or a Greyhound? This match race puts both to the test.

Truth is, both Thoroughbreds and Greyhounds achieve about the top speed - approximately 43 or 44 miles per hour. The caveat: every single Thoroughbred and every single Greyhound isn't capable of reaching this top speed. We're talking about the top of the top, the fastest individuals in each species. So, the question of who is fastest gets a little cloudy.

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This match race puts one Thoroughbred racehorse against one racing Greyhound. A specially designed track allows the two to race side by side. Take a look at what happens.

The Greyhound may have been victorious in this particular race, but it doesn't mean that the Greyhound is always going to be faster than the Thoroughbred.

Factors like distance traveled, individual animal fitness and speed, and even the weight of the jockey that the horse carries could potentially affect the outcome. Don't forget that horses and dogs can have "off" days, too, so it's hard to come to a conclusion based on a single race.

But, it sure is fun to see this horse and Greyhound go head-to-head. It's amazing how fast these animals can travel!

We write a lot about Greyhounds and racehorses and we wouldn't have guessed this outcome.

Luckily, Greyhound racing is coming to an end in 2020. The Florida racetracks will finally be shut down and we'll need to spread the word as many of these dog tracks breed dogs for the sport. They will all need forever homes. We're very glad to see dog racing was voted to be shut down as these dogs are ready to hang up their harnesses and retire.

There are racing horses that have also been injured at a few select horse racing tracks. Read more here. 

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In a Race Against a Greyhound and a Thoroughbred, Who Comes out on Top?