Irish Coast Guard Performs Harrowing Rescue of Dog That Fell Off Cliff

Posted by Amber King

A call came in about a dog in distress, and the Irish Coast Guard came to the rescue.

A short drive outside Dublin city center in Ireland, Red Rock, Sutton is a popular destination for history buffs and nature lovers. A prime example of Ireland's beautiful landscape, the expansive water views and sheer cliff faces make for a pretty picture and a great place to go hiking.

At the same time, however, the area can be dangerous to anyone who gets too close to the edge. A three-year-old dog named Marley learned that lesson the hard way.

The Golden Retriever was too close to the cliff when she slipped on loose stones and plummeted over the edge. Luckily, the dog's fall was stopped short thanks to a small ledge jutting out from the cliff face.

The Irish Coast Guard operations center fielded the call, and a rescue team from Howth station was immediately dispatched. Equipped with professional climbing gear, a rescuer repelled 15 feet down the cliff to where Marley was trapped.

Hidden behind the brush, it only took a second for the scared dog to realize help was on the way. She popped her head out and greedily gulped water from the rescuer's hand. With slow movements and careful maneuvering, the Coast Guard official was able to position Marley safely in a sling attached to his body.

Marley was shaken and scared, but she didn't resist when she was lifted off her feet and away from the temporary safety of the ledge. Locked together, dog and rescuer gradually made their climb to the top of the cliff.

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The pair made it safely to solid ground, and Marley was able to walk away on her own, grateful to be alive. The lucky dog seemed to be unhurt, and it was all thanks to the brave members of the Irish Coast Guard.

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Irish Coast Guard Performs Harrowing Rescue of Dog That Fell Off Cliff