Photo Stumps Internet as Nobody Can Find the Hidden Dog

Posted by Stacey Venzel

WATCH NOW: Can You Find the Hidden Dog?


Can you spot the camouflaged canine in this seemingly empty kitchen?

The Internet has entered into a state of utter confusion after a Facebook post lured people in with taunts of a cute dog in the photo... but where is the dog?

Cyberspace went viral with a similar instance in which no one could find the snake in a picture posted by a herpetologist. And now, people are stumped again.

Take a look at this seemingly empty kitchen. There's no pooch here, is there?

Can you spot the dog hiding in this kitchen?SPOILER | Christina Brickles)

Posted by 7NEWS Perth on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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But look just a tad bit closer. If there was a dog in this photo, where would it be? Should we think logically or illogically here? How big of a dog are we actually talking about?

It turns out, the dog is right in front of our faces, taking up quite a bit of space in the photo.

camouflage dog

Did you find the dog without our help? How long did it take you to find this camouflaged canine?

Have a similar camouflage photo to share? Post it in the comments below or tag us #wideopenpets.

All photos by Christina Brickles via Facebook.

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Photo Stumps Internet as Nobody Can Find the Hidden Dog