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Photo Stumps Internet as Nobody Can Find the Hidden Dog


Can you spot the camouflaged canine in this seemingly empty kitchen?

The Internet has entered into a state of utter confusion after a Facebook post lured people in with taunts of a cute dog in the photo... but where is the dog? This pup is a hide and seek pro, mastering the art of dog camouflage.

Cyberspace went viral with a similar instance in which no one could find the snake in a picture posted by a herpetologist. And now, people are stumped once again.

Take a look at this seemingly empty kitchen. There's no pooch here, right? Or is there?

Can you spot the dog hiding in this kitchen?SPOILER | https://yhoo.it/2vEeQnV(Picture: Christina Brickles)

Posted by 7NEWS Perth on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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But look just a tad bit closer. If there was a dog in this photo, where would it be? Should we think logically or illogically here? How big of a dog are we actually talking about? Maybe we should think about where our dog would be, if they were trying to become the dog camouflage champion of the world?

It turns out, the dog is right in front of our faces, taking up quite a bit of space in the photo, but using some major camouflage.

camouflage dog

Did you find the dog without our help? It's tough to separate the dog from his camouflage. Good thing no one needed to wash their hands!


How long did it take you to find this camouflaged canine? What part of the pup did you see first?

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All photos by Christina Brickles via Facebook.

This article was originally published on September 17, 2020. We're still amazed at this cleverly hidden dog! 


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