Interior Department Holds Inaugural Doggie Day with Employee's Pooches

Posted by Amber King
Twitter/Secretary Ryan Zinke

Bring Your Dog to Work Day was a big success for Interior Department staff members.

Some of the nation's biggest political leaders got to work with their best friends by their feet this past Friday. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke planned the initiative in hopes of boosting morale in the Washington D.C. office.

In last year's Best Places to Work in the Federal Government Survey, the Interior agency, which includes the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and several other departments, ranked 11th out of 18. Only 61% of employees reported being happy with their jobs, and the new secretary seems intent on changing that.

Zinke first made headlines when he chose to ride a horse belonging to the U.S. Park Police to his first day of work. His newest decree of letting dogs into the office makes him the most public lover fan of the Trump administration. After a full day of doggy kisses and tail wags, it's safe to say this plan of relieving workplace stress was a success.

More than 80 employees brought their dogs into work. Department spokesman Paul Ross brought his Poodle named Pax, and Zinke's pup named Ragnar had a busy day of being introduced to everyone in the building.

The furry presence of a dog has been proven to relieve stress, and the official Doggy Day may become a regular treat. Zinke announced in an email that they would test run Bring Your Dog to Work Day in May and then again in September.

What do you think of Bring Your Dog to Work day? Let us know in the comments.

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Interior Department Holds Inaugural Doggie Day with Employee's Pooches