Instagram Dogs Recreate Kanye's 'Famous' to Raise Funds for Charity

Posted by Tori Holmes
Instagram dogs in the (RED) video campaign

Remember Kanye's controversial music video for his song "Famous"? It just got a whole lot cuter.

To promote their new (BEDHEAD) RED dog pajamas, (RED) invited ten famous Instagram pups to recreate the famous video. The biggest difference between their video and the original? No nudity.

In fact, each of the dogs are decked out in their very own set of (BEDHEAD) RED pjs - and looked mighty cute doing so!

In the video below, keep your eyes peeled for Instagram pups such as @toastmeetsworld, @tunameltsmyheart, @chloekardoggian, and more:

This video is part of (RED)'s international campaign to raise money for the Global Fund, an organization dedicated to fighting AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

If you're interested in purchasing your pup their very own pair of pjs for the holiday season, they are available for sale at for $28. But don't wait - they're only available until December 31!

Not only will your dog look absolutely adorable, you will be helping to accelerate the end of AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

If you do purchase a pair for your dog, send us a picture - we'd like to see it!

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Instagram Dogs Recreate Kanye's 'Famous' to Raise Funds for Charity