Injured Cow-Calf Pair Rescued From a Life on the Streets

Posted by TF Oren

Life was looking rather grim for an injured cow and her calf who spent their days roaming the streets of India.

The mother had a deep gash in her left armpit, and her baby had an embedded rope around his neck. It was only a matter of time before infection set in.

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Fortunately, the rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited was alerted to the plight of the cow-calf pair. The rescue team tracked down mama and baby and loaded both into the rescue truck.

The pair was rushed to Animal Aid's shelter where they both began receiving the veterinary care they so desperately needed.

Once their wounds were cleaned and bandaged, they needed time to recuperate.

Today, Honey and Bee are fully recovered and loving life. They will live out their days surrounded by other rescued animals at Animal Aid's sanctuary.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Animal Aid, this mama and baby have a future. Sadly, for many of India's street animals, help comes too late - or not at all.

Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's lifesaving work on behalf of India's street animals and to find out how you can help save more lives.

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Injured Cow-Calf Pair Rescued From a Life on the Streets