Incapacitated Senior Dog Pulled from Sewage Just in the Nick of Time

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Animal Aid Unlimited in India was alerted to the case of a senior dog lying on the road and unable to stand.

A passerby pulled the dog out of a sewage gutter, where he had been stuck for some time.

When the Animal Aid rescue team arrived and found the dog, the severity of his condition was readily apparent.

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Old and covered in sewage, the dog had a maggot-infested wound near his tail. He was also in great pain and his time was quickly running out.

The rescue team wrapped the dog in a blanket and rushed him back to Animal Aid's shelter.

At the shelter, the old dog began receiving emergency veterinary care. He was bathed and carefully examined. Caretakers applied powder to his wound in order to kill the maggots and then painstakingly cleaned and dressed it.

The dog was severely dehydrated and needed several days' worth of fluids. Finally, on day three, he sat up and was able to eat on his own. Soon after, he regained the ability to stand!

After one month of treatment, the sweet old dog was back on his feet. It was nothing short of miraculous.

Thanks to Animal Aid, this distinguished pup is fully recovered and has a place to call home. He will live out his days showered with love and in the company of other rescued street animals.

Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's tireless efforts on behalf of India's street animals and find out how you can help save precious lives.

Aren't senior dogs the sweetest? Let us know what you think of this heartwarming rescue story in the comments section!

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Incapacitated Senior Dog Pulled from Sewage Just in the Nick of Time