Immerse Yourself in the Sounds of Horses

Posted by Paige Cerulli

From hoofbeats on pavement to nickers to the squeak and crunch of grass in the mouth of a grazing horse, the sounds of horses are captivating and relaxing. 

Have you ever spent time just sitting in a barn, listening to the sounds of horses? There's the stiff brush against a horse's coat, the snorting of a horse clearing his nostrils, and the occasional whinny which interrupts the quiet. There's a broom scratching against the aisle, the sound of water as it drips from a horse's muzzle, and the squeak of tack as a horse is saddled.

The sounds of horses are beautiful, and when you take the time to really listen, they make their own sort of song. These are the sounds that riders know well, when we greet the horses in the early morning fog or when we say goodnight in the setting sun later that evening.

The video below beautifully captures the sounds of horses with such artistry, and the footage which accompanies them is just as gorgeous. Take a look (and a listen).

Maybe these noises are part of why horses are so captivating. Horses have their own soundtrack. The sounds they make are soothing, comforting, and just like a lullaby. The next time that you mount up or walk out to the pasture to bring in your horse, just stop and listen carefully. As horsepeople, we're so lucky to be invited into this beautiful world.

Thanks to the video above, you can bring the sounds of horses home with you even when you can't go out to the barn. Whether you're trying to get to sleep at night or just need a little background noise while you're getting some work done, we bet you'll be listening to this video on repeat for a while!

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Immerse Yourself in the Sounds of Horses