Ikea Canada Makes the Cutest Donation for Shelter Cats

Posted by Tori Holmes
Cats on ikea doll beds

At the Etobicoke Humane Society in Toronto, Canada, cats waiting for forever homes no longer have to sleep on the cold hard floor thanks to Ikea Canada.

In a video posted on their Facebook account, the Etobicoke Humane Society shared that Ikea Canada had donated 10 doll beds to their shelter.

Why doll beds, you ask? For the sole reason that they can be used for what may arguably be the best Ikea furniture hack ever: a cat bed.

While the Swedish-furniture giant doesn't officially sell pet furniture, it turns out their Duktig Doll Bed is the perfect size for cats. Which is great because is there anything cuter than seeing a cat sleeping on a cat-sized bed? We don't think so.

In addition to the 10 beds, Ikea Canada also donated $300.

Well done, Ikea Canada! You've made the lives of these shelter cats much more comfortable and homey.

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Ikea Canada Makes the Cutest Donation for Shelter Cats