Persistent Husky Wants His Owner to Wake Up Now, Please

Posted by Paige Cerulli

There are many great aspects of having a dog, but you haven't experienced true dog ownership until you've been woken up by an excited Husky like this one. 

Dogs form strong bonds with their owners, and many get really excited when we come home after work or when we first get up each morning. After all, once we're up the dogs will be fed, taken outside, and given plenty of attention. It's no wonder that dogs like this Husky want their humans to get out of bed as early as possible each morning.

This enthusiastic Husky knows that the sooner he wakes his owner up, the sooner his owner will get up. He tries just about everything to get his sleepy owner to get up for the day, though when he fails he's content to simply lie on top of his owner. It's certainly quite the wake-up call, you have to admit.

If your dog disrupts your sleep by trying to get you up too early each morning, there are some ways that you can take some control of the situation. First, consider not letting your dog in your bedroom at all. If you allow your dog to sleep with you, it's easy for him to decide when he's ready to get up and to disrupt your sleep.

Have your dog sleep elsewhere and keep the door to your room closed. It may be a good idea to have your dog sleep in a crate so that he doesn't try to claw at your door.

You'll also want to teach your dog a command for "quiet" and "go lie down." These two commands can help you to correct your dog's behavior if he does try to wake you up. Stay consistent, and don't reward your dog by getting up and feeding him when he's being disruptive. Do this on your own schedule and when your dog is quiet and patient.

Occasional wake-ups from your dog can be cute, but you shouldn't have to alter your entire sleep schedule to accommodate your dog's desires.

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Persistent Husky Wants His Owner to Wake Up Now, Please