This Husky Redecorated His Owners' Apartment in True Canine Style

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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When this Husky got into some black ink, he took it upon himself to redecorate his owners' apartment in a way that only he could. 

When you own a dog, you never quite know what you'll come home to. Maybe some shredded magazines or chewed shoes. Or maybe your dog got into that brand new bag of dog food that you bought. But none of that even comes close to the surprise this Husky's owners got when they came home.

This Husky's owners weren't gone that long - in fact, they went to a movie and were only out of the apartment for about three hours. But that didn't stop this dog from exercising his creative touch and completely transforming the apartment.

What do you think - are paw print carpets the new style? Something tells me his owners weren't at all pleased when they arrived home.

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Don't worry, the ink that the Husky got into was calligraphy ink which was non-toxic for both dogs and humans. The dog will be perfectly fine. The carpets, wood floors, furniture, and most everything else in the apartment? Not so much.

If you have a dog who is notorious for getting into trouble when you're not home, it's always a good idea to keep him in a single room or to enclose him in a dog crate. You can also make an effort to move objects out of your dog's reach, but there's no guaranteeing what he'll do when he's home alone.

Your dog may also exhibit destructive behavior if he has too much extra energy. If you think that energy is the cause of some of your dog's naughtiness, then make an effort to provide him with more exercise time and playtime each day. You can take your dog to a dog park, head out on an extra long walk, or even hire a dog walker to come by and get your dog some extra exercise.

And before you leave your home, make sure that all of your inks and paints are safely out of your dog's reach!

All images courtesy of imgur

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This Husky Redecorated His Owners' Apartment in True Canine Style