Husky Missing Since 2015 Washington Windstorm Back with Family

Posted by Krissy Howard

When a fierce windstorm caused their Husky to run off in 2015 one family thought they would never see their furry friend again.

"Don't ever give up."

This is the advice from Spokane, Washington pet owner Shanley Heinsma, who, after two years of searching, has finally been reunited with her Husky, Shadow.

When an intense windstorm hit the Spokane area back in 2015, damage was extensive, and unfortunately, it hit Heinsma and her family in an especially hard way. After her son let their dog Shadow outside, the dog became spooked by the weather and ran off, never finding her way back home on her own.


Heinsma immediately took to social media to search for Shadow, posting in various groups just hoping that someone may have seen her family's dog but had no such luck. She also took to the streets, hanging up missing dog posters and flyers in case Shadow was still hiding out nearby. This went on for two years until finally, she saw a familiar face on her computer screen.

A woman from one of the groups Heinsma belonged to posted a photo of a female Husky dog she had found, hoping to find her owner. Despite the specific markings that matched those of Shadow's, Heinsma remained cautious as not to get her hopes up only to be disappointed once again. After examining the dog's photos a little longer and speaking with the woman who found her, Heinsma was sure it was a match, and for the first time in two years, Shadow was home.

Heinsma's tireless efforts are the reason Shadow is back with her rightful family, but she credits the good people of the pet care community online with helping her through an incredibly tough time, eventually leading to the return of her beloved pooch.

"The more you get the word out there, the more people will know that you're searching," she told KHQ6 News.

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In an effort to prevent something like this from ever happening again, Heinsma had Shadow microchipped shortly after arriving back home.

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Husky Missing Since 2015 Washington Windstorm Back with Family