Overjoyed Husky Can't Get Enough of His Kiddie Pool

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This adorable Husky is just overjoyed with his kiddie pool, a perfect way for dogs to have fun and stay cool during the summer. 

If you and your dog are tired of the dog days of summer, there's a low-cost, easy, and fun way to cool down that you might want to try. Head out to your local discount store, pick up a kiddie pool, and once home, fill it up with cool water. Then, turn your dog loose - you might be surprised at what happens.

This adorable young Husky, Tripp, shows off just how much he enjoys his new kiddie pool. He's ready to play and loves leaping into and out of his pool. You've got to watch this video - Tripp's just too cute.

If you live far from the water or don't want to deal with the task of bathing your dog after he goes swimming, then a kiddie pool provides the perfect solution. It's easy to set up, uses minimal water, and doesn't require much space. To encourage your dog to enjoy the pool, bring along some toys to toss around the yard and into the pool.

Getting wet and going for a swim can help to keep your dog cool on the hot summer days. If you can't set up a kiddie pool, then you might let your dog play with the sprinkler or the hose. Letting your dog lie in front of the fan or the air conditioner will also help to keep him cool.

During the summer, make sure that your dog always has access to clean water to drink. If your dog ever shows signs of overheating, such as rapid panting, shallow breathing, lethargy, and confusion, then cool him immediately and take him right to the vet.

Have a great time with your dog this summer, and stay safe and comfortable.

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Overjoyed Husky Can't Get Enough of His Kiddie Pool