Husky Is Not Impressed with Human's Christmas Card Attempt

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Not everyone is donning the Christmas spirit this holiday season.

Anuko the Siberian Husky was caught sporting his best Grinch face when owner Jasmine attempted a reindeer-inspired photo shoot starring the pooch.

Merry Christmas.... or whatever

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No amount of treats could change this dog's unamused expression.

When you’re raw fed and your human offers you a baked treat. 🤢

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The Husky's face gives him an eternal look of disapproval, which dates back to when he was a puppy.

Jasmine, who welcomed Anuko into her home when he was just five weeks old, said the canine has benefited her mental health tremendously.

She told Bored Panda:

"When I got him I was quite suicidal and depressive. I didn't have any friends or a job and I'd quit school. I lived my life in bed, practically. Thank goodness he came into my life because without him I'd probably still be in bed, or worse. He encouraged me to get out - the fresh air and so many hours outdoors with him did me a lot of good."

This isn't Anuko's first time in the spotlight. A couple years ago, he went viral with photos capturing the moment he realized his owner tricked him, only pretending to throw a ball.

Its been 1 year guys...

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That brief moment of stardom turned into a life-changing experience for Jasmine, who began committing time to Anuko's social media and created a website on rearing snowdogs called Snowdog Guru. Eventually, she realized she wanted to become a veterinarian.

Birthday smiles all around 😁😁

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Anuko isn't the only animal wearing grumpy pants this holiday season. A photo of a seemingly disgruntled cat in a nativity scene went viral this winter, too.

Be sure to follow Anuko on Instagram for more hilarious photos of him being extremely dissastisfied, angry, and downright grumpy.

What do you think of this unenthused canine? Tag your Grinchy friend in the comments below!

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Husky Is Not Impressed with Human's Christmas Card Attempt