Husky Goes into Labor in Car Because She Shouldn't Have Puppies in Shelter

Posted by Amber King
husky gives birth in car
Facebook/Texas Sled Dog Rescue

Shelter staff knew a husky named Debbie was pregnant, but they underestimated exactly how far along she was.

When Debbie showed up to an animal shelter in Edinburg, Texas she was sad, scared, and noticeably pregnant. A shelter is no place for a mama-to-be, so volunteer Jennifer Taylor used her connections to get Debbie into a foster home with Texas Sled Dog Rescue.

The only problem was, her temporary new home was several hours away from Edinburg, and she needed to go on a long car ride before she was finally settled in.

Posted by Texas Sled Dog Rescue on Thursday, June 8, 2017

The details had been arranged and Debbie was ready to go, but sudden signs of labor put the entire plan off-track. The rescue dog delivered two puppies before the shelter fully realized what was happening, but mom seemed to be taking a break.

Unwilling to let Debbie start her family in the shelter, Taylor made the quick decision to take the laboring mom back to her house.

Posted by Texas Sled Dog Rescue on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Usually, the idea of transporting a dog wouldn't give Taylor second thoughts. As an avid volunteer, she has an SUV she uses specifically for chauffeuring rescue dogs. But as she was walking to the parking lot with Debbie in tow, she remembered she didn't have the SUV that day. The only available vehicle was her husband's Mercedes--and he made it clear that his car was a pooch-free zone.

Out of options, she deposited Debbie into the backseat. She posted on Facebook saying;

"I have a husky giving birth in the back of my car. Please don't tell my husband."

Posted by Texas Sled Dog Rescue on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Taylor shuttled Debbie and her rabidly growing family home as fast as she could. Soon after their exciting ride, Debbie was the proud mother to eight tiny puppies. She recovered at Taylor's home for a few days before finally making the trip to her foster family.

Posted by Texas Sled Dog Rescue on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Once settled in with Texas Sled Dog Rescue, the family was officially named "Debbie and the Big Bang Family." They told The Dodo:

"We picked The Big Bang Theory as the theme for this family because they came in with such a bang; it just seemed fitting."

We had so much fun at our 6 week check up! Look how much we are weighing: Amy- 7.6Priya 8.2Raj- 8.0Claire-8.0Sheldon-5.9Bernadette- 7.4Penny -6.4(Pictured L-R: Bernadette, Sheldon, Penny)

Posted by Texas Sled Dog Rescue on Thursday, July 20, 2017

The puppies are now appropriately named Amy, Priya, Raj, Claire, Sheldon, Bernadette, and Penny. Sadly, the smallest pup of the litter that was born outside of the sac and had trouble nursing has passed away. The other seven are doing well with their foster family and will soon be looking for permanent homes.

If you're interested in making one of Debbie's adorable puppies a part of your family, visit Texas Sled Dog Rescue online.

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