Hurtta Life Savior: Dog Lifejacket Allows for Less Worry in Cold Water

Posted by Mateja Lane
dog lifejacket

A dog lifejacket can come in handy in many different situations. 

Yes, your dog may be a good swimmer. But what about those days where the water is ice-cold and nothing will stop him from fetching that ball one more time. Or maybe you're out in the field, hunting with your retriever and he needs to get that duck in the frozen reeds. Or maybe you are rafting, boating, or paddle boarding with your dog swimming a long distance beside you and you could use a better handle than the collar.

There are a lot of good reasons for a dog lifejacket.

That's where Hurtta's Life Savior jacket comes in and Wide Open Pets got to try one out.

It was a frigid day on Lake Tahoe and we tried it on two different dogs, including a Golden Retriever that lives in the water.

The jacket is buoyant enough but still allows the dog to swim. It is not bulky and has the right amount of clips and velcro to stay on the fast-moving dog; one around the neck that fits comfortably, and two buckles over velcro under the belly.

It also fit the Coonhound nicely, who has less fur and gets cold faster.

coonhound at tahoe

The handle on top of the jacket was the best part, as it would come in handy to lift the dog into a boat or on a paddle board, or up onto rocks.

dog lifejacket

The orange coloring is also a nice touch so that the dog is noticeable in the water or out in the field, if hunting.


While the dogs did seem a little awkward as they played in the jacket, they became more comfortable the longer they wore it. There are times when this life saver would truly come in handy, not to mention the peace of mind that it provides. Your dog can life up to his ruff potential and you won't have to worry about him drowning.

The Hurtta Life Savior is $85.00 but priceless for your dog's safety. Get one here and be ready for some summer fun!

Hurtta Life SaviorTell us what you think about this lifejacket in the comments below!

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Hurtta Life Savior: Dog Lifejacket Allows for Less Worry in Cold Water