Hurricane Irma to Hit Key West and Hemingway Cats Are Waiting It Out

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Hemingway Home
Photo via Hemingway Home Museum Facebook

Most cats wouldn't want to stick around during a hurricane, but these are Hemingway cats - brave, adventurous, and more than ready to face the storm head on.

In preparation for Hurricane Irma, the Florida Keys has all but emptied out. However, Jacqui Sands, 72, along with nine employees and 55 cats will be waiting out the storm in the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum.

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The limestone French Colonial house, built in 1851, has withstood many tropical storms, Sands said, noting that it sits about 16 feet above sea level, one of the highest points on this island at the end of the Florida Keys.

The latest weather updates show Hurricane Irma hitting Key West on Sunday.

As the historic site's general manager, Sands is tasked with securing the legendary author's 19th-century estate as well as ensuring the safety of the cats that roam the grounds.

"If I didn't have to, I wouldn't stay," Sands said. "My kids told me to get the hell out. But I have an obligation to take care of the building and the cats."

To make sure the Hemingway Home is safe and secure, the staff has boarded up the home and made sure they have more than enough food and supplies.

To further protect themselves from the hurricane, which could bring 20-foot storm surges and 185-mile-per-hour winds, a priest from St. Mary's Star of the Sea Basilica stopped by this afternoon to bless the home as well was the staff and the cats.

Today, Father John Baker from St. Mary's Star of the Sea Basilica visited the Hemingway Home to bless our staff, cats...

Posted by Hemingway Home Museum on Friday, September 8, 2017

To keep up with the latest developments, visit the Hemingway Home Museum Facebook page.

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Hurricane Irma to Hit Key West and Hemingway Cats Are Waiting It Out