Hurricane Irma Forces Tallahassee Woman to Put Goats in Laundry Room

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Photo by Christine Reilly via Tallahassee Democrat

Wait a second...goats don't do laundry?

Last year during Hurricane Hermine, Christine Reilly left her two goats, Heidi and Giselle, outside in their goat shed.

But, according to the Tallahassee Democrat, that wasn't the case with Hurricane Irma.

"This sounded like it was going to be horrific, and I didn't want to take any chance with them being hurt," Reilly said.

Years ago, Reilly and her husband returned home to find their goats bleeding from what appeared to be an attack from a coyote or a dog. Since then, she's been very protective of them.

"That just brought it home how vulnerable they can be," she said. "That broke my heart."

Not taking any chances with Irma, Reilly brought Heidi and Giselle inside during the storm. And where did they stay? The laundry room.

It's not just humans, cats and dogs who are sheltering in place from the hurricane. "Goats in the Utility Room," courtesy of Christine Reilly.

Posted by Tallahassee Democrat on Monday, September 11, 2017

Supposedly, the storm itself didn't seem to bother Heidi and Giselle, who, according to Reilly, seemed more "freaked out about being indoors."

Reilly and her husband have been keeping goats since 2003. The goats help keep their three-acre property clear of weeds by eating ivy, sapling trees, and many other plants.

The goats also make lovely pets with interesting personalities.

Heidi, the goat with the auburn coat, is like a "small tank," Reilly explains. When there's food, she'll plow through whatever and whomever to get to it. Giselle, on the other hand, is more of a "peacemaker."

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Hurricane Irma Forces Tallahassee Woman to Put Goats in Laundry Room