As Hurricane Harvey Approaches, Keep These Animal Shelters in Mind

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Texans and their pets need to prepare for Hurricane Harvey. 

If you live in the Texas towns in the path of this Category 4 hurricane, be prepared for high winds and inches of rain. There is also bound to be hundreds of animals caught in the storm and they will need your help.

Keep these shelters in mind if you find lost animals, and reach out if you have the capacity to volunteer or foster. Many animal shelters are already overcrowded and need help, like the Calhoun County Animal Shelter:

The towns in Calhoun County and surrounding counties along the Texas Gulf will be hit the hardest today and throughout the weekend. Other towns that are in Hurricane Harvey's path and will be hit hard are Corpus Christi and Houston and all the towns in between.

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National Weather Service

If you have any extra supplies to give to your local shelters, they will be greatly appreciated and if you can volunteer over the weekend, that's even better. If you are heading out of town, don't forget your pets and make sure they are safely confined in carriers. Bring food, water, and important medical information.

Here is a check list of what you need in a natural disaster:

natural disaster

Keep these contact numbers handy if you find any animals that need help, but know that the shelters will be busy and full. Time and resources will be the biggest help this weekend. If you find displaced pets in your area keep these shelters in mind:

Calhoun County Animal Shelters:

Shelters around Houston:

Houston sheltersShelters around Corpus Christi:

corpus christi shelters

The Gulf Coast Humane Society in Corpus Christi will also be an important resource.

3118 Cabaniss Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78415; (361) 225-0845

This list is by no means exhaustive. You can do a search for your local animal shelter if you live in smaller towns.

Make sure no pets are left outside. "If it is dangerous for you, then it is dangerous for them," as director Dawn Blackmon of a Calhoun County shelter reminds us.

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Have you ever been in a natural disaster? Do you have a plan for your pets? Tell us in the comments below. 

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As Hurricane Harvey Approaches, Keep These Animal Shelters in Mind