This Hungry Dog Is So Over This Halloween Prank

Posted by Jason Sarna
Halloween dog prank video

Pranks are fun and all, but sometimes enough is enough!

This little pup named Chloe is trying to eat her food in peace, but this animatronic grim reaper won't stop sticking his face in her bowl!

Check out the video below:

The little pup starts barking at the grim reaper in an effort to scare him away, but he isn't going anywhere, as death is one of those things that no one can escape.

While the pup continues to bark at the grim reaper, another dog looks on in silence. He looks a bit older than Chloe and probably knows that no amount of barking is going to save her.

At the end of the video, the pup's owner laughs and says, "Chloe I think you're gonna be on a diet."

We're sure the prank ended shortly after the video cuts, and Chloe was able to eat her food in peace - at least for now.

Have you ever pranked your animals? Let us know in the comments section below!

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This Hungry Dog Is So Over This Halloween Prank