Shelter Put Adoptable Dogs in a Photo Booth and the Results Are Amazing

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Humane Society of Utah

What's the solution to getting adoptable dogs into new homes? The Humane Society of Utah believes it may lie in a photo booth. 

If a photo can say 1,000 words, then these photos speak volumes about the awesome character of these adoptable dogs. With adoptable dogs overcrowding shelters nationwide, rescues and shelters have to get creative in how they market their shelter pets. And that's why the Humane Society of Utah put their dogs in a photo booth of sorts.

Unlike many of the photos you see of shelter pets, these photos are beautiful, engaging, works of art. The dogs are captured in action against a stunning backdrop - there are no drab cages or poorly painted walls in the background. These photos make the dogs real, give them some character, and hint at what it would be like to take the dogs home.

In short, these photos do their job - they make you want to come in to the shelter and learn more about these dogs.

Take a look at these stunning photos and the beautiful dogs available for adoption and try not to fall in love.



Do you love these photos? It's a great technique to encourage adoption, and may just bring some people into the shelter who would have otherwise passed over a dog.

If you are a skilled photographer, consider volunteering some time at your local animal shelter. Good quality pictures can make a huge difference in finding an animal a new home. And if you're volunteering for a shelter which euthanizes animals, you may even save some lives.

All images: Humane Society of Utah

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Shelter Put Adoptable Dogs in a Photo Booth and the Results Are Amazing