Hudson the Disabled Dog Is Now a Talented Therapy Worker

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Hudson the disabled therapy dog

Although Hudson is a disabled dog himself, he is also a therapy worker who makes a difference in the lives of others. 

Animals often show us how to make the best of a truly terrible situation.

When Hudson was a puppy, he was found nailed to railroad tracks. He was also missing a paw. For a while, no one knew if Hudson would survive, but Hudson is a fighter and he made it. Richard Nash was moved by Hudson's story and adopted the young dog.

Because Hudson was missing a paw, Nash reached out to Derrick Campana, an animal orthotist. Hudson asked Campana to create a prosthetic paw for Hudson so that the dog could get around more easily. Campana faced a challenge - the paw he created needed to be able to hold enough of Hudson's weight so that it could take some of the burden off of Hudson's other hind leg.

Here's a video which details the process of creating Hudson's prosthetic paw:

After creating a few test versions of the prosthetic paw, Campana found a design that worked and has since created a number of paws for Hudson as the dog has grown. Campana even created a special formal occasion paw sporting the American flag. Hudson wore this special paw when he accepted the 2015 award for Hero Therapy Dog of the Year.

That's right - Hudson himself is a therapy worker. Despite being a disabled dog, Hudson helps people in need, too. Nash noticed how social Hudson was and decided to have him certified as a therapy dog. Hudson earned his certification with no problem.

Hudson visits hospitals and elderly care facilities. He also visits with children, and helps to spread positive messaging about what dogs, and people alike, can still accomplish with a disability.

This video provides a great look at Hudson's work as a therapy dog:

Hudson proves how important prosthetics can be for disabled pets. He's also a model for perseverance. This dog, who was so determined to live, has gone on to accomplish great things.

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Hudson the Disabled Dog Is Now a Talented Therapy Worker