Small Furry Pet Test: How Well Do You Know Your Rodents? [QUIZ]

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Can you tell the difference between a gerbil and a hamster? Are ferrets rodents?

They're not just small, cuddly mammals that squeak and squirm. Beavers, prairie dogs, squirrels, chipmunks, porcupines, agoutis and South Ameria's giant 100-pound guinea pig, the capybara, are rodents, too!

Find the simple answer to the age-old question: Are rabbits rodents? Dispel the myths surrounding the rodent family that drive pet rodent owners crazy. You're sure to learn a thing or two.

Test your knowledge about the rodent family with this short quiz below:

Most rodents are herbivorous, but some are omnivorous while others are strictly predators. Common rodent pets tend to adhere to the vegetarian diet, feeding on pellets, hay, fruits, and veggies. Some even enjoy munching on grass, flowers, and leaves during outside playtime.

How did you fare with the rodent quiz?

Now share this with your friends to test their rodent knowledge! You're probably tired of them calling your guinea pig a hamster, so give them some facts to help them remember the difference.

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Small Furry Pet Test: How Well Do You Know Your Rodents? [QUIZ]