Quiz Yourself: How Well Do You Know These Doggie Movie Stars?

Posted by Amber King
golden retriever

These dogs deserve an award.

You know you're a dog lover when your favorite character in a movie is always the dog. Your movie nights consist of hunkering down with your furry friend to binge watch movies like "101 Dalmatians" and "Air Bud." And if you're ready for a good cry, maybe you'll turn on "Marley and Me" or "Homeward Bound."

It could be based in real life or animated, but either way, you know that if there's a dog, you're hooked. And the best part is watching your own dog do that adorable head tilt thing every time the on-screen pooch barks.

You've seen a lot of dog movies, but have you seen them all? Test your knowledge now!

Whether you're into old classics like "The Little Rascals" or "A Dog's Purpose" is your new all-time favorite, a doggie movie night is the perfect way to relax and bond with your four-legged friend. He may not be on his way to earning an Oscar like these movie star dogs, but you know he'll always be your favorite.

How did you do on the quiz? Let us know in the comments.

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