Adventure Weasel: How to Travel with Ferrets

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All photos via Anja Delic of Friendly Ferret

They actually make good little copilots!

Traveling with a pet can be challenging, especially if you are going on a long trip in the car. Planning is the most important thing, so that you stay sane and your furry friend is comfortable.

If you are traveling to another state with your ferret, make sure you check the regulations of every state you are going through on your trip. There are states where ferrets are illegal, including: California, Hawaii, District of Columbia, and New York City. The basic documentation almost every state requires is the ferret's vaccination certificate and proof of microchip. If you are vaccinating your ferret regularly you won't have any problems with documentation.

But, how are ferrets as traveling partners?

If you are planning to travel with a ferret by car, you are in luck because ferrets are, in general, really good traveling partners. Common ferret behavior is to sleep about 18-20 hours a day, which means that most of the trip they will spend in a sweet slumber.

Ferrets are small animals so all you need for the trip is a carrier with hammock, puppy pads, and bowls for food and water. They love to trip over bowls so use the ones you can attach to the wall of the carrier and don't fill them until the ferret is hungry or thirsty at rest stops. If it is a long drive, you will need to make a stop to stretch your legs and let your ferret out of the car (on a leash of course) to do his business. A break is good for everyone in the car, let's be honest.

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Ferrets aren't like cats or dogs who can sweat through their paws or by panting. That makes them susceptible to warm temperatures during late spring and summer. If a ferret gets too hot it will start to pant, drool, or gasp for air which means it is on the right track to have a heat stroke. A heat stroke in ferrets can be fatal. But, don't worry there are ways to cool off your ferret when the day is hot.

If you are traveling with a ferret during summer days, make sure you have cold water with you and regularly check your ferret's condition. If you don't have air conditioning, put some kind of fabric on the back seat window and place your ferret in the dark.

It is always a good idea to have an ice pack with you as well. If you wrap the ice pack in a towel, and place the wrapped water bottle in the carrier, it will help keep your ferret cool when it is too hot. The towel will protect your ferret from getting too cold from the frozen bottle, and will absorb the water when it starts to melt.

Your fuzzy will act the same no matter where you are. Most ferrets take moving very well, especially since they will probably be sleeping. You won't cause them any stress while moving, although they can get pretty excited when they see a number of empty boxes in the room.

Do you travel with your ferret? Tell us your tips and tricks in the comments below!

All photos via Anja Delic of Friendly Ferret

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Adventure Weasel: How to Travel with Ferrets