Rad Bird: How to Teach Your Parakeet to Skatebird

Posted by Mateja Lane

Do you have a little bird that is just dying to shred? Here's how to teach it to "skatebird" in five easy steps. 

Parrots are very trainable. And it turns out they can learn how to ride a skateboard.

Here is how to make your parrot the raddest bird on the block by teaching it how to skatebird.

Mick the budgerigar, a type of parakeet, loves to get gnarly while skatebirding.

Although skatebirding didn't necessarily take off in a national pet sport, it is a fun activity for your bird. Teaching your parrot to skatebird will give you ample bonding time with your pet and it is a fun trick that will make your little parakeet the life of the party.

With the five easy steps in the video, your little bird will be the next Tony Hawk! (pun intended)

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