How to Make Your Hamster Cage the Envy of the Block

Posted by Mateja Lane

An awesome hamster cage will make you and your pet happy.

Your hamster cage should have more than just a wheel and a food bowl. It should have tubes, levels, different materials...the possibilities are endless!

Here's how to make your hamster cage the envy of all the other hamster owners on the block. You won't even have to break the bank for some of these upgrades.

Make levels.

Don't make the levels too high, since hamsters can fall off and hurt themselves. Stack little boxes and make little ledges so your hammie can climb up from one to the other.

Or you can make shelves like the cage below, with wooden stands. Make sure you use strong wood glue that's safe if ingested.

Ladders or ramps going up to the shelving is a plus.

Hamster Hideout

Use lots of tubes!

Hamsters love running in tubes. If you don't want to buy colorful, clear ones from a pet store, you can make some out of PVC pipes.

The only problem with PVC is that you can't watch your little guy running! Not to mention, you won't know where he is if he gets stuck.

You could also use toilet paper or paper towel rolls. You hammie will probably chew them up but they are safe for them to eat.


Paint the rolls, with safe paint, to add some color in your cage!

Supply different materials. 

Hamsters love wood chips or shavings, but also love sand and other natural materials.

Alternate materials in your cage to diversify your hammie's experience.

You can have wood chips in the main area, and sand in another.

Documentes Liberales

Make a hammie hammock!

Make your little guy a hammock out of a piece of cloth or a paper towel and some ribbon.

Even though Mr. Hamster may have energy all the time, he will be thankful for a cozy resting spot.

Hamster Central

By adding different facets to your hamster cage, you will enhance your little pet's experience.

Plus, a cool, creative cage is nice to look at!

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How to Make Your Hamster Cage the Envy of the Block