How to Keep Your Car Free of Dog Hair...Kinda

Posted by Mateja Lane

You can usually tell if a person owns a dog by peeking into their car. 

A dog person knows that dog hair on EVERYTHING is pretty much unavoidable. So how do you keep your car free of dog hair?

Here are nine ways to keep your car clean.

1. You can't. 

Viral Dog

2. You can vacuum as much as you want...

Metropolitan Detail

3. But it never really goes away. 

Your Sassy Self

4. You probably shouldn't bother...

Carz Shine Auto Spa

5. Because you'll likely never have a completely spotless car.


6. So you should probably just own it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.31.36 PM

7. Because that's just life with pets.


8. You may not have a clean car...

back passenger seats in modern luxury comfortable car

9. But you'll always have a furry copilot. 

Cute Labrador retriever dog in car

Yes, there are plenty of ways to actually get rid of dog hair in your car: seat covers, getting your car detailed weekly, a multitude of different hand vacuums. But the reality is that you can never truly get rid of dog hair.

Life without hair or fur all over everything is something that you have to sacrifice when you get any pet. But it's definitely worth it.

Do you have any secrets about getting rid of dog hair? Let us know in the comments!

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How to Keep Your Car Free of Dog Hair...Kinda