Vagabond Kitties: How to Have an Adventure Cat

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Adventure Cats

Cats around the globe are living nine adventurous lives, and your cat can, too!

Traveling felines are in the news as young professionals quit everything to see the world--cat in tow.

But having an adventure cat takes a bit of planning. Life on the road--or a surfboard--is nothing like watching suburbia through a glass window pane. The tundra of the arctic has surprises unlike the backyard garden.

Wild big cats live thrilling lives in the jungle and savannah, but domestic felines have had to rely on magic carpet fantasies and laser pointers to get a kick out of their day.

Now, that's all changing.

Adventure Cats is a site dedicated to vagabond kitties. The four-legged nomads wander through Utah's Buck Canyon and tube on the Great Lakes. They hike, camp, and sail.

But before you and Fluffy jump in with both feet, it's important to take some preparatory steps for your big adventure.

 1. Training

Make sure your cat understands boundaries and will come when called. Though felines are known to be a bit more persnickety than canines, they are equally as trainable. And just like dogs, the earlier you can train the better! Clicker training and positive reinforcement are key.

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 2. Leashes

Some cats just don't like leashes, but cats are stealthier roamers than dogs. A leash should always be packed, even if you trust that your furry friend will never leave your side.

A harness is ideal with cats to relieve pressure on the neck and spine, so be sure to get your pet fitted for one before your trip. A bell is also helpful, especially on hiking trails. On boats, a life jacket might be beneficial, too.

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 3. Identification

While dog identification is more of a trend than cat IDing, it is a smart idea to have both pets wearing a collar and microchip. You never know what can happen in the great big world out there!

 4. Catpack

Don't forget to pack feline essentials before you head out! Aside from food and water, a carrier and bedding are good ideas. Of course, remember to pack the harness and leash, too!

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Baby steps are important in the beginning so that your cat doesn't get overwhelmed. Gradually, you can work your way up to bigger adventures. You'll be sailing the Seven Seas with your feline before you know it!

Do you take your cats on adventures? Tell us in the comments below!

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Vagabond Kitties: How to Have an Adventure Cat