How to Best Train Your New Parrot to Speak

Posted by Mateja Lane

The fun part about owning a parrot is training it to speak. Here is how. 

If your parrot is naturally vocal, like Congo African grey parrots and Timneh African grey parrots, double yellow-headed Amazon parrots and yellow-naped Amazon parrots, Eclectus parrots and Indian ring-necked parakeets, teaching them to speak should be easy.

Here is how.

Birds speak when they are part of a flock. So first things first, your household needs to become your bird's flock.

That means socializing with your parrot, speaking to them constantly.

Start out with foods. Name the banana while showing the bird a banana. Show them the difference between seeds and nuts and tell them the words of other types of its' favorite foods.

Once the parrot mimics you, making an attempt to say the word, give it the food as a reward.

Like training any animal, repetition is key.

Congo African Grey Parrot Also Named Jaco

Whenever you walk in the door say, "Hello," or "How are you?"

Alternatively, always say "Goodbye," or "See you later!" when you leave.

The bird will catch on quickly and learn to say these phrases whenever you walk in or out.

Your bird will pick up on the intonation of your voice. That is why it can learn to swear or will learn strongly-worded phrases even if you only say it once. So watch your mouth around your pet parrot!

Talk to your bird like you would a small child. Once it starts talking on its own, be sure to reward it when it enunciates actual words.

Soon you will be singing duets and having intellectual conversations with your parrot!

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How to Best Train Your New Parrot to Speak