How the Loss of Her Beloved Dog Inspired One Woman to Start a Bulldog Rescue

Posted by Tori Holmes
Collage of french and english bulldogs

After the loss of her beloved bulldog, Piper, Jessica Stone found the best way to heal her broken heart was to help other bulldogs.

In 2011, Piper was surrendered to San Antonio Bulldog Rescue after her original owner could not find a buyer for her on eBay. At eight years of age, Piper was in rough condition - her skin was covered in infected sores, she was missing an eye, and was in severe pain from untreated hip dysplasia and arthritis which made her walk with a limp.

Piper the bulldog in a wagon

The horrible neglect and abuse that Piper went through made her, unsurprisingly, a bit grumpy but she still stole Jessica's heart in no time.

In her new home with Jessica and her husband, Piper spent most of her time with her new mom in her studio. Piper quickly became fascinated with paints, which inspired Jessica to let her new pup try her paw at it.

It didn't take long for Jessica to realize that Piper had a real artistic ability and over the next few years blossomed into an internationally collected artist.

Dog painting with a paintbrush

During her career as a painter, Piper also became a spokes-pup for rescue and special-needs dogs. Unfortunately, she also began to battle Lymphoma and heart disease.

Piper ultimately succumbed to her illness, but Jessica knew that the best thing she could do to honor her beloved dog's memory was to help other bulldogs in need.

Adoptable french bulldog

With the help of countless supporters, Jessica found Hooked on Rescues® and the nationwide Rags to Royals® program. Rags to Royals® rescues, heals, and rehomes French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs who have been neglected or abused. They also organize therapy dog visits to share the love that only a bulldog can give.

Jessica and the Rags to Royals® volunteers are dedicated to finding homes for all the bullies that come into their care where they can be treated like the prince or princess they are. Despite their adorable faces, it's important that prospective adopters are aware that bulldogs, and especially those rescued from negligent or abusive situations, require more TLC than most dogs. This can make for a royal pain at times, but there is certainly never a dull moment in their company!

Adoptable french bulldog

If you're interested in adopting a French or English Bulldog from Rags to Royals take a look at adoptable pups on their website.

All images courtesy of Rags to Royals.

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How the Loss of Her Beloved Dog Inspired One Woman to Start a Bulldog Rescue