Catnip Proves Big Cats Are Just Like House Cats

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Cat lovers know their house cats think they're big jungle predators.

This is no secret. Felines think your home is their jungle, from which they rule from the top of the fridge. They are vicious predators when they stalk and attack your feet. They snooze in the best spot of sunshine in the land. Our house cats are just smaller versions of big jungle cats.

Don't believe us? Big cats like nearly all the same things as small cats. There are even videos of big cats in boxes. This proves the ultimate feline theory of "if I fits, I sits" doesn't have a size limit.

But what about catnip? Do big felines love catnip as much as their smaller feline friends?

Big Cat Results

The big felines at Big Cat Sanctuary were given a handful of catnip in a crumpled up paper bag. Obviously the same rule goes for big cats as for our feline friends at home. If it comes out of the recycle bin, it's a great toy!

The results were as expected- commence the rolling, playful, bag-tearing fun! However, one lion was not a fan. You can see his reaction at the end of the video.

Catnip Reaction Explained

Catnip, for some kitties big and small, produces a reaction much like the ones in the video. Some cats react to the plant, and others do not. A part of the mint family, catnip contains an oil called nepetalactone that is found in the leaves and stem of the plant. The oil is what causes the cats to essentially get "high."

Catnip is safe for cats, and can be a fun addition to playtime. The plant can be found in a variety of different forms such as planted (in a container or garden), dried, and as an oil. Toys can be filled with or dipped in the oil as well. The playtime possibilities are endless!

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Catnip Proves Big Cats Are Just Like House Cats