"Stuff on Scout's Head": Changing the Pit Bull Stereotype

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All photos via Jen Gillen, Stuff on Scout's Head/Instagram

A rescue pit bull named Scout is teaching humans lessons in balance and acceptance.

Pit bulls have a bad rap because bad humans have raised the breed for fighting games. But some roosters are bred for cock fighting and they're not getting the boot, so why are Pit Bulls being discriminated against?

Scout ended up at a shelter after being saved from a neglectful household. He arrived as skin and bones but according to his owner, has grown into "one of the cuddliest pit bulls you will ever encounter."

He is friends with his cat brothers and Rudy, another pup that reigns Scout's owner's home.

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Jen Gillen, pit bull advocate and Scout's beloved human, started "Stuff on Scout's Head" two years ago in Ontario.

The balancing act took off, with a book available featuring photos of the canine patiently posing for the camera. "Lessons in Balance" author credit even goes to Scout on the front cover.

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In case you're not into books, T-shirts and posters are for sale showcasing the lovable pup's headtop skills.

Scout and Jen hope to raise awareness about Breed Specific Legislation. With Detroit's ban on pit bulls making headlines lately, Scout and his pal "Smiley Dog" are showing the world just how loving a canine can be, no matter its breed.

If you'd like to see something atop Scout's head, you can drop Jen a suggestion.

All photos via Jen Gillen, Stuff on Scout's Head/Instagram.

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