How Much Does a Cow Cost and Where Can I Get One?

Posted by Katherine Ripley
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Cows are beautiful, sweet, and gentle animals. They can provide love, companionship, and milk!

A cow can be a great addition to your family, and give you all the milk, cream, cheese, and butter you could ever want.

One of the things you need to ask yourself before getting a cow is whether you have enough land. The answer is that you should probably have at least one acre, but you will need much more than that if you want your cow to eat only grass. If you have only one acre, your cow can be perfectly happy if you supplement her diet with hay after she eats all the grass.

So where can you buy a cow? In our modern digital age, the Internet offers your best answers. The following websites all have cows for sale:

As far as pricing goes, there is a lot of variation. Some sellers will charge based on the cow's weight, $1.60 to a $1.95 per pound, or so. Some sellers just list a flat price, which seems to range anywhere from $1,200 to $5,000, though it's probably possible to find one cheaper than that, because you have the endless possibilities of the Internet.

You might be able to get a cow very cheap from a local cattle auction, but an auction might not be a great option because most of the bidders are butchers, and the cattle being auctioned have usually been raised only to be slaughtered. You also don't have the opportunity to get to know the animal before buying it at an auction.

However you decide to buy your cow, she will hopefully become a happy member of your family for many years.

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How Much Does a Cow Cost and Where Can I Get One?