Houston SPCA Rescues 80 Miniature Horses from Deplorable Conditions

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Thanks to an anonymous tip, the SPCA has rescued about 80 miniature horses, donkeys, and a cow. 

The Houston SPCA rescued over 80 animals in the Baytown, Texas area this past Wednesday. The animals consisted of about 80 miniature horses, two donkeys, and a cow.

The animals were neglected, and some of them had no water. Others had medical issues, including overgrown hooves, total and partial blindness, broken hips, and lameness. The property owner had previously shown the animals, but the situation had gotten out of hand.

Nine veterinarians spent the day evaluating the animals and determining their specific health issues and needs. Some of the minis may be pregnant. The animals will be treated and then will later be moved to the SPCA's larger facility, located in Hempstead.

A hearing is scheduled to be held next week, and should determine if the custody of the animals will be awarded to the SPCA.


While miniature horses are cute and cuddly, there's a common misconception that they require less care and cost less than full-sized horses. That's not the case. While miniature horses need less feed than full-sized horses, they have the same veterinary and farrier requirements, and those services cost just as much as they do for full-sized horses.

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When horses go without farrier or vet care, they can end up with many issues. Horses that haven't been vaccinated are susceptible to many serious illnesses and diseases. And if their hooves are allowed to grow too long, they can cause issues like strained tendons, arthritis, back issues, and lameness.

Now that the minis have been rescued, they'll likely need specific care to help bring them back to health. It's likely that the minis all have different sorts of issues, so they'll each need to be evaluated and will each need a specialized care and treatment plan.

Have you ever brought home an animal that was rescued from neglect? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Houston SPCA Rescues 80 Miniature Horses from Deplorable Conditions