Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network Saves Pig from a Dog Fighting Ring

Posted by Amber King
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Jude has a heartbreaking past, but he's on his way to a bright future.

Four months ago, a pig named Jude was found wandering along the side of a busy Texas road. He had open wounds and old scars covering his body and was missing an ear. It also looked like he was also missing both eyes. He was a sad sight, but Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network knew what to do.

While his room and stall mats were getting disinfected and his bedding washed, Jude decided to check out the livingroom....

Posted by Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network on Sunday, July 30, 2017

The hurting pig was examined by a vet, and rescuers were horrified to realize the extent of Jude's injuries. There was a thick rope burn around his neck and bloody impressions from a second rope tied tightly around his hind legs.

The injuries painted a brutal picture of the kind of life the pig had been living. He was a bait pig used in dog fighting rings to entice fighting dogs to attack. It's assumed that once the pig lost his usefulness, he was abandoned and left to die.

Eating well

Posted by Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network on Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jude was in extreme pain, and the initial veterinary recommendation was euthanization. They didn't think the former bait pig could overcome his injuries, let alone move on from the emotional trauma from being in the ring.

But despite his history of abuse, Jude was sweet and friendly. He seemed to cling to his rescuers as his last chance at life, and the staff at Mini Pig Rescue & Network refused to let him down.

He spent the first night of his rescue receiving overnight veterinary care. He was cleaned from the mud, dirt, and blood that caked his skin, and the veterinarian team set to work addressing his many injuries.

Jude loves to cuddle up with the cooler weather setting in. Can you belive that this is the same pig from 2 months ago...

Posted by Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network on Friday, October 27, 2017

Day by day, Jude made small steps toward recovery. He gained strength and confidence and was eventually moved into a home with a loving adoptive family. It was also discovered that despite the initial examination, Jude hadn't lost his eyes. His eyelids were severely damaged and infected, and the swelling, pus, and scabs prevented him from seeing. But as time went on, his clear eyes started to shine through.

He eventually had surgery on his eye to remove scar tissue, and about a month after his rescue, Jude could finally see out of both eyes. Swelling in his remaining ear also went down, and he regained most of his hearing. Things were looking up for the formerly abused pig, and he started settling into life as a pampered house pig.

Posted by Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network on Monday, September 11, 2017

Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network wrote on Facebook:

"This boy has gone from a poor piggy that many people thought should have been euthanized, to a set and loving pig that can hear and is seeing better by the day!!! "

Jude's new family goes out of their way to make their rescued pet feel safe and comfortable. He's shy and timid around strangers, but this pig has a big heart when it comes to forgiveness. Humans have been his main cause of pain and torture, but now they're his friends and family. Jude loves snuggling and spending time with people at home. He wags his tail and greets his family whenever they walk through the door.

While exemplary veterinary care took care of Jude's physical wounds, it was the emotional trauma rescuers were most worried about. Against all odds, Jude is thriving in his home and looks forward to many more days filled with good food, soft blankets, and love from his family.

What do you think of Jude's story? Let us know in the comments.

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Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network Saves Pig from a Dog Fighting Ring