Napoleon Kitty Syndrome: Brave House Cat Challenges Real (Big) Lion

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When a house cat takes on a lion, the interaction tells us a lot about cat body language and bravery. 

House cats are a far cry from the big cats, such as lions and tigers. It seems that most house cats would much prefer to be fed cat treats and lounge on the couch than to live in the wild. And many domesticated cats are a bit more, well, timid than their giant counterparts.

But one house cat proved that she may be small, but she has the heart of a lion.

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The below video captures the moment when Baggy the house cat decides to take on Noey the lion. Thankfully Noey is safely behind the secure fencing of her pen, because Baggy isn't backing down.

The two cats have a quick stare-down, and Baggy lets Noey know that she means business.

Check out the incredible interaction between these two cats.

What's so fascinating about this video is how clearly the cats read each other's body language. They may be very different in terms of size and appearance, but cat body language is universal and these two both know that they're in a confrontation.

Baggy's actions prove that this little cat is braver than we'd ever imagine. After all, she's willing to stare down a lion without backing off.

We're just glad that Baggy did so in a safe situation, and Noey seemed happy to let the issue drop when Baggy lost interest. Now that is one brave cat!

Would your cat be one to challenge animals larger than he or she is? 

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Napoleon Kitty Syndrome: Brave House Cat Challenges Real (Big) Lion