How to Build an Elevated Fish Tower for Your Tank

Posted by Mateja Lane

Want to make your fish tank even cooler by making a tower for them to swim in? Here's how. 

Remember that cool science project where water can be suspended due to gravity?

Here's how to recreate that phenomenon in your fish tank to make a cool suspended tower to watch your fish swim around in.

First you need two concrete blocks to raise your glass tower out of the water. Then tape some tubing at the bottom of a large glass vase. The vase can be any size, depending on how your want your tower to look!

Start sucking the air from your vase using the tubing to watch the water rise as the oxygen is removed. The tubing can then be pulled out once the vase is filled with water.

YouTuber NightHawkInLight shows us how to empty the tower of water by using a piece of styrofoam in order to clean the tank. It really is genius. I wonder if he won the science fair?

I think your fish will thank you for giving them a new view!

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How to Build an Elevated Fish Tower for Your Tank