Hospice Care Patient Gets Her Wish - A Basket of Kittens

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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When a hospice care patient tells staff that her last wish is to cuddle some kittens, she gets a whole basket of them to play with.

A hospice care patient recently received her dying wish, and it's the best thing ever. Carol, a resident at Groves Community Hospice in Kansas City, Missouri, loves cats and kittens. When staff asked Carol what her special wish was, Carol explained that she just wanted to cuddle with some cats and kittens.

Luckily for Carol, the Great Plains SPCA was happy to help make her wish a reality.

"We all know that pets can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered," Great Plains SPCA wrote on Facebook. "So when we heard from GC Hospice that they had a resident whose only wish was to snuggle some kittens, we couldn't say no."

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SPCA volunteers brought Carol a whole basket of kittens to cuddle and play with, and Carol was thrilled with the surprise.

Take a look at the adorable video below!

This isn't the first time the SPCA has brought animals to assisted living facilities. They've done this a few times before. SPCA volunteers are often happy to help a hospice care patient get their special wish, or to help assisted living residents interact with animals that they wouldn't normally get to see.

Spending some time with animals is therapeutic, and good for the soul. Because patients in assisted living and nursing homes often don't get to see animals, some facilities have started bringing in service animals and therapy animals for visits. Seeing Carol's reaction in the video really drives home how uplifting a visit from an animal can be.

Have you ever gone without being able to see or have pets for a long period of time? Tell us how you coped in the comments below.

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Hospice Care Patient Gets Her Wish - A Basket of Kittens