Horses Wait in Line for Ice Cream on a Hot, Hot Day in the U.K.

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All photos via The Sun

Winstones ice cream trucks is always parked in the same spot, but this was the first time horses were seen in line.

Record-breaking highs in England last year caused many natives to swarm ice cream trucks, lakes, and drinking fountains. Horses tried to escape the heat wave, too.

Equines are a common sighting in Gloucestershire, England, but horses in queue are not. The maned beauties nudged their way up to the ice cream truck on a day that reached over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature is only expected to rise in the region, continuing its streak of shattering past heat indexes for this time of year.

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Locals are asked not to feed the horses, so while they didn't receive ice cream to cool off, they were offered cold water on the house.

The free-roaming herd are among 300 farm animals--including cows and donkeys--owned by a man in the area. The ungulates are welcomed at Minchinhampton Common along the reservoir.

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All photos via The Sun.

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Horses Wait in Line for Ice Cream on a Hot, Hot Day in the U.K.