These Horses in the Snow Will Have You Looking Forward to Winter

Posted by Paige Cerulli
horses in snow

The magical sight of horses in the snow will have you looking forward to winter, even if you normally dread the hassle of snow and ice.

Horses in the snow are usually pretty entertaining. Even the calmest horse often finds himself full of energy when turned out into a field of fresh snow. Horses suddenly turn into little kids - running, frolicking, and playing. Plus, there isn't a prettier sight than horses churning up snow and making snow angels during their snow day.

Take a look at this beautiful sight - and the gorgeous farm:

So, how are you feeling about winter now? A little more content with its approach?

If you're still dreading winter, there are some ways you can minimize the hassle it brings in terms of barn chores. First, invest in some quality trough heaters and water bucket insulators so you don't have to go break open icy water multiple times a day. If you use a trough heater, though, please make sure your trough is grounded, and that you plug the heater into a GFCI outlet for safety.

Next, consider letting your horses go blanketless this winter. If your horse grows a thick coat and has plenty of hay to eat and continuous access to a shelter, he may do just fine without a blanket. Blanket changes and repairs can be a pain, so if your horse doesn't need a blanket, don't worry about that added chore.

Finally, stock up on the supplies you'll need for winter now. Have a few extra shovels handy. If you can, invest in a generator and a snowblower. Stock your barn with plenty of hay, get some extra sand and salt to deal with the ice, and take care of any other last minute chores - winter is coming.

How do your horses react when there's fresh snow on the ground? Let us know in the comments!

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These Horses in the Snow Will Have You Looking Forward to Winter