Horses Need to Wear Diapers in This Alabama Town

Posted by Katherine Ripley
Valerie Gaffney/Flickr

Compliance with the horse diaper law is low.

Horse droppings are a big problem in Selma, Alabama. The City Council passed a law three years ago that requires horses to wear diapers whenever their owners bring them on city streets. However, Councilman Michael Johnson said that since the law was passed, he's only seen one rider in compliance.

Now, the police in Selma are going to start cracking down. Police Chief John Brock said officers will start giving warnings to riders the first time they are caught not following the law, and will give citations for any subsequent offenses.

According to Johnson and Brock, there is at least one location in Selma where horse diapers are for sale, so riders have no excuse not to buy them.

It's hard to blame the horse owners for not wanting to follow the law--if you were a horse, would you want to wear a diaper? However, it's unclear whether the new crackdown will actually result in more diaper-wearing, or if horse owners will try to protest the mandate.

There are also horse diaper laws in effect in Lucedale, Mississippi; Marlinton, North Carolina; and Dublin, Ireland.

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Horses Need to Wear Diapers in This Alabama Town