These Horses Live a Luxurious Life Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When you picture a horse living a luxurious life, you probably picture him in a big box stall full of clean, beautiful bedding.

He has access to a large field full of grass, and his coat is shining and clean from all of the grooming that he receives. He's healthy, happy, and living a luxurious life, right?

Well, for the horses in this video, a luxurious life is a bit different. They go to school, work in beautiful stores, and dine in fancy restaurants. After work, they grab some takeout, hop on a horse van, and then party it up.

Seriously, take a look at this fun video:

"Et vous, que faites-vous ce soir?" - PIERRE FLEURY

"Et vous, que faites-vous ce soir?!""And you, what are your doing tonight?!" Merci à tous les participants très motivés qui ont permis la réalisation de cette vidéo!!! Hôtel Barrière Le Normandy Deauville, la ville de Saint Arnoult (14), Emilien Stephan, Catherine Toulouse, La Boulangerie Hamel et MacDonald's Touques.Merci à nos partenaires : Freejump, Horse Stop, Conceptpgo Société, HDCP - Friandises NaturellesUn merci tout particulier à : ma femme Justine Fleury, Jaufret Fouquer, Mathilde Mazieres, Samantha Head, Gwladys Olivier.Et bien évidemment un grand merci à tous mes chevaux qui se sont prêtés au jeu plus ou moins facilement!! ;)--> JustWorld International.#école #school #afterwork #apéritif #Tv #Normandy #hotel #PierreFleury #horse

Posted by Pierre Fleury on Saturday, December 2, 2017

No, there are no fancy video editing techniques here. These horses really relax in a living room, stand in a school room, and sit down at an upscale restaurant. Their incredible talents and obedience are the result of horse trainer Pierre Fleury's hard work.

Fleury, who lives in France, is a talented trainer, though he wasn't always wild about horses. He started riding at age four but had some experiences that were so frightening that Fleury thought about quitting riding. However, he persisted, going on to focus on dressage and eventually training his own horses.

Fleury and his horses have appeared on "France's Got Talent," and today, he and his horses - Nelson, Nessy, Vandy, and Ulane - perform all throughout Europe.


Training a horse to remain obedient and focused in strange situations, like being in a restaurant, takes time, great horsemanship, and some exceptional talent. Bringing a horse into a house or a store or a nightclub can be dangerous, so please don't attempt this on your own. However, Fleury's horses demonstrate the results of his excellent training, and he's given us a fun look into an alternative equine lifestyle.

What do you think your horse's ultimate life of luxury would be? Share it with us in the comments. 

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These Horses Live a Luxurious Life Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen