11 Horses Just Trying to Say Hi But Being Nosy, Really

Posted by Mateja Lane

Oh, hai there. 

These horses are just trying to be the friendly, albeit nosy, neighbor.

See what they'll stick their heads into just to get your attention.

Just a curious horse watching the world go by. 

A blonde horse pokes her head through an open window of an old barn.


Horse In The Stable

"Did you say something?"

Horse In The Stable

"Oh, I thought you said something." - Love, White Horse


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"You said come in, right?"

Mummy, are you in here, do you have foooooooood? #gypsycob #gypsyvanner #caravanner #vannerinavan #nosyhorse #greedyhorse #fatcob

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"Is this door for me?"

horse in dog door
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"Aw, you brought me coffee. Thanks."

"Just looking for a nose pet, is all."

horse nose


Horse wanted to say hi! #nosyhorse #horses #brecon #beacons

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"Hi! Smile today!"

Horse In The Stable

These horses just need to be where the action is. Always. And when they make up their mind as to where they need to be, ground manners go right out the window.

You can't leave them out! They have a serious case of FOMO so it's better to just let them in on the fun.

Hello, horses! It's ok, you're invited to the party.

Do you have a nosy horse? Show us in the comments below. 

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11 Horses Just Trying to Say Hi But Being Nosy, Really