Horses Escape Pasture in Golden Gate Park and Go on a Field Trip

Posted by Allie Layos

Sightseeing at Golden Gate Park isn't just reserved for humans. 

Last Wednesday morning 23 horses were caught roaming freely through San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The horses reside at Golden Gate Park's Bercut Equitation Field, but at 5 a.m. the wrangler on site noticed that they had somehow escaped.

The escape artists were successfully corralled and back in their proper place by 7 a.m., but how they got out in the first place remains a mystery. Though ABC7 News asked if it was an accident or if someone intentionally let them out, the incident is still under investigation.

The horses have been at Bercut Field on a trial basis while the parks and recreation department tested out the feasibility of offering horseback rides to the public. They arrived in April and are scheduled to remain there until the end of June. For now it, it costs $60 for an hour ride.

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The horses have already made a number of friends at Bercut Field, including Jeff Mate and one-year-old Everett, who feed them apples every day and were relieved to hear that they were back safe and sound.

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Horses Escape Pasture in Golden Gate Park and Go on a Field Trip